Pre & Pos

Pre & Pos

Precedent: Nakagin Capsule Tower in Tokyo

Seminar taught by

Hyojin Kwon

Pre- and Post-. Beginning or Ending? How can we speculate and envision not only the future but also the past with digital tools?
The Nakagin Capsule tower, built in 1972, is the most iconic building of Metabolism architecture. Benefit from the modular configuration, the units can be connected and combined to create larger spaces and they could be easily replaced as well. There are tremendous latent flexibilities and potentialities within and beyond this building that have not been explored in real life yet. The building was mostly vacant in the 20th century which eventually provoke the voices of demolition. When thinking about the next page of this monumental building, how can we investigate and emphasize its inherent characteristics by utilizing digital tools?
My project explores and speculates the predictable evolutions within and beyond the structure in both 2D and 3D. The building could be expanded by increasing the number of units or integrating with another analogous structures. Therefore, the imagery of my project depicts the subdivisions, multiplications and mutations that could happen based on the analysis from the digital programs. Since I see this building as an autonomous organism, the design languages of fluid, organic and natural are represented.
As the project moves on, the language of the object formation was translated into the object-field condition which could tight the project back to the architecture realm. The field condition creates a contrast against the object condition and becomes the extension of it. The field becomes the preliminary of the bigger object. The field becomes the stimulation of the next chapter.



Integration of subdivision and multiplication