The Other Space

The Other Space

Las Vegas, Nevada

Undergraduate Thesis

Instructor: Jenny Wu

In collaboration with Hongjian Qing

Merit Undergraduate Thesis Award

Our project is a post-human, infrastructural monument that speaks to a future where architecture isn’t produced for humans, and humans will be the new excess of architecture.

     We are bringing a traditionally inconspicuous I.T infrastructure from background to foreground, to reveal and celebrate its importance through a morphological approach. The data center is a combination of the symbolic geoform, the sustainable breathing facade, and the high tech interiority which coexist on the outskirts of Las Vegas.

     With the energy facilities and our data center, we are establishing a new, horizontal corridor that is perpendicular to the Las Vegas Strip. In this new industrial corridor, the biogas plant collects and processes waste from nearby neighborhoods by turning organic waste into methane gas, the methane gas and the energy produced from the solar field are then stored in fuel cells and power the data center. The geothermal plants provide cooling for the racks. The heat generated from the data center is then distributed to the nearby neighborhoods and the excess human space under the data centers. The direct air capture units help purify the air around our data center and the surrounding neighborhood.

     These systems create a carbon-neutral environment for the data center, the surrounding neighborhoods, and the city. They form a synthesis of the natural and the artificial, therefore the form and aesthetic of the monument are derived from this synthesis. We’re also utilizing necessary, functional ventilation systems in the facade skin, that also elevate the systems into an aesthetic for the project.

     The interior of the data center is mostly automated and inaccessible by humans, however, hidden underneath the cores, there are casinos, retail space, and nightclubs; excess human spaces that only exist as a byproduct of the massive energy our data center and energy systems produce.

5B_Wu_SP20_Wong_Chi Fong_Qin_HongJian_AN_01.mp4
Urban Diagram
Solar field
Geothermal Plant
Facade Diagram
Diagram of the integrated systems