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Urban Diagram

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Boyle Heights, California

Instructor: Anna Neimark

Boyle Heights is an iconic area in Los Angeles, as it filled with people from diverse backgrounds. Due to the adjacency to downtown area and the affordable housing price, it attracts more and more offices and artist studios moving into this area. As a result, the housing will be in demand prospectively. The research pointed out that the apartment is becoming more popular in this area due to the increasing need of employees who may not grow up in Boyle Heights. When designing a housing project in a such sophisticated area, how to accommodate different people’s need is the most interesting challenge in this project. As the Boyle Heights has the potentiality to play a more important role in development of the future, It could be a good opportunity for us to think about what the people need in the next 5-10 years.

Housing market in the neighborhood
Vicinity Context